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Year of foundation. First years' production is focused on pistons for 2-stroke engines in motorcycle field, the Piaggio Vespa and Innocenti Lambretta, as well as pistons for micro-engines and industrial engines.
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Moving to a new site The first building is not enough to meet the activity's new requirements anymore: moving to a bigger area becomes necessary in order to keep up with an ever growing and demanding business. In the meantime the company provides and establishes its activity on principles still valid today: reliability, availability and flexibility. Keeping an eye wide open on the market becomes more and more dynamic through continuous technical evolution and improvement.
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Product’s range enlargement and O.E.M. The firm's production widens to new areas, like outboard pistons and pistons for agricultural engines.
Thanks to the cooperation with important Italian companies manufacturing gardening & forestry engines, METEOR PISTON becomes O.E.M. supplier for pistons for chainsaws, mistblowers and brushcutters.
International and CaberUse SHIFT+ENTER to open the menu (new window).
Success on international market Continuous care for the development of the engines' field and the updating of technological know-how allow METEOR PISTON to establish itself as a main supplier of Italian and European companies and to gain a high international reputation on spare parts market.
Company's production is starting to address itself towards the new 4-stroke area which is steadily gaining ground on small engines too.
The company CABER in Turin - a leader manufacturer of high quality rings - is taken over by METEOR PISTON and becomes its sister company. This is an essential step for METEOR's growth, both to achieve new manufacturing strategies and to better handle the offer of a product completely home made by now. New foundry department Aiming to get the best from its manufacturing activity, METEOR PISTON relies on CABER to manage the starting metallurgical process through the new foundry department created by its associated company.
New products have also been developed there during the years so as to expand the castings' range.
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Cylinders New challenges for METEOR PISTON at the beginning of this millenium: new products are introduced in our range of production: aluminum cylinders with Nikasil® plating, thus giving life to new and reliable METEOR's components for gardening/forestry engines as well as small planes' and scooters / quads' engines.
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Enlarging its own products' range in order to keep up with market's demands has always been the first aim of METEOR PISTON. Without giving up the manufacturing of the first historical products, the company has gradually been updating itsrange and steadily developing a new production line, following the market trends:
environment-friendly products according to the new low-emission regulations
new sports vehicles. Pistons providing state-of-the-art characteristics thanks to the latest and technologically-advanced CNC equipments as well as special treatments.
METEOR PISTON today provides a wide selection of reliable products and new ranges of pistons have been developed:

  • 4-strokes small engines 
  • OFF-ROAD motorcycles
  • ATV/QUAD engines 
  • Karts
  • Niche motor products (paragliders, aircraft models,…) now growing in the amateurs’ market

Late years have also seen METEOR becoming OEM supplier of Kart engines producers working for racing teams. In addition, Meteor can rely on a world-wide net distribution of aftermarket pistons for scooters and off-road engines currently covering more than 60 countries in the world.

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