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Meteor Piston

Forged Performance Pistons

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Meteor forges the most recommended alloys  for this kind of applications, providing high resistance to heavy duty running:

  • 13% Sylicon Aluminium alloys (4032)
  • Copper alloys 2618/A: the most requested from racing teams

All alloys are subject to heat treatment (T5/T6) to get structure uniformity, purity and high resistance to piston wear.

Forged Details


Precision CNC machining Rings grooves special turning and precision finishing.

Special  grooves shapes  to avoid gas blow-by.

Head milling for special head shapes .

 Coating and treatments

Piston Treatment

  • Molybdenum disolphure spray coating
  • Graphite spray coating
  • Hard anodize treatment

Meteor Piston Kit

 Simply High Tech

Performance forged pistons for 4-strokes OFF-ROAD BIKES and ATV to satisfy heavy duty racing engines.

Technologically advanced products which join Meteor’s long experience with latest production processing.

Higher pressure into cylinders need a different casting process to get pistons more resistant: forging is therefore necessary for the best results at work during racing.

Continuous R&D and pistons improvements thanks to the feedback of racing teams using our pistons in competitions.

Special coatings and treatments give pistons best characteristics:

  • No “tilting” effect
  • Lubrication guaranteed
  • Reduced maintenance
  • Eco-friendly: reduced fuel consumption, less noise and low emissions

 Piston rings

STEEL: only made in Japan from world first class OEM producers.



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