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Meteor Piston

Gravity Cast Performance Pistons

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Cast Piston
18% Silicon Aluminum alloys which allows higher resistance at work and longer piston life keeping the same performance. Subject to heat treatment (T5/T6) to get structure uniformity, purity and high resistance to piston wear.



Rings grooves special turning and angle precision finishing. Special grooves shapes to avoid gas blow-by.
Special anti-rotation pin positioning and fixing to increase ring gap’s stability and ring resistance to high rpm rate and passages into cylinder port.

Cast Detail


Molybdenum disolphure spray coating
Lubricating and anti-friction/anti-wear coating on pistons skirts to make easy run-in into the cylinder at the beginning and prevent piston wear while at work.

Meteor Piston Kits

 Simply Powerful

2 strokes pistons are subject to a lower stress compared to 4 strokes ones and therefore can be produced through the traditional gravity cast processing .
The best possible features are guaranteed thanks to more than 60 years of Meteor’s experience in this processing.
These pistons provide the ultimate combination of low-friction, lightweight design.
The high Silicon percentage allows the piston to reduce thermal expansion and keep the same geometry even at working temperature.
As a result, power and piston life increase.

 Piston rings

STEEL: made in Japan from world first class OEM producers.

Steel Rings

Rings of SPECIAL SHAPE (L rings) made of SPHEROIDAL CAST IRON: made in Italy by Meteor’s associated company CABER S.R.L.

L Ring


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