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Caber has been producing cast iron piston rings for more than 50 years, since 1947.
A long experience leading us to a deep knowledge on piston rings processing. Piston rings continuous evolution to ensure higher and more reliable performance, fuel economy, reduced oil consumption and low emissions took us to develop our manufacturing facilities and control systems.
Today, our piston rings provide reliable performances and long durability even on new generation engines.
Keywords of the quality of Caber are:
• ADVANCE TECHNOLOGY: double oval turning machining
• WIDE SELECTION of piston rings types
• FLEXIBILITY to customize clients' needs
• TREATEMENTS AND COATINGS which guarantee rings' durability and reduce cylinders liners wearing.
Characteristics which let Caber to become OEM supplier of the leading European producers of chainsaws, gardening, compressors and agricultural engines.

 Caber Capability

20÷150 mm0.8÷6.5 mm300/500 pcs

 Rings Materials

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Grey cast iron Class 10 Subclass 12
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IKA cast ironClass 20 Subclass 24
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Spheroidal (nodular) cast ironClass 50 Subclass 52
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F Cast IronClass 30 Subclass 32

 Rings Treatments

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Hard Chrome Coating on outside ring diameter
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Manganese Phosphate



Since a few years, Caber has been producing SEALING rings for industrial applications, expecially used in hydraulics devices and compressors.
Two new types have  just been developed for Air and Gas compressors which need a superior sealing efficiency.
Following a deep R&D analysis, these new types have been improved and designed to give the best sealing performance.
HOOK JOINT (SH)                                                    EXTERNAL OVERLAPPED JOINT (TBE)
OVERLAPPED JOINT (TB)                                           TAPER FACED OVERLAPPED JOINT (TBE)


Caber has just introduced a new machine into the production line specially equipped for the manufacture of very small rings called "MINI-RINGS".

Thanks to this new investment our range expands, starting from diameter 20 mm!

Mini-rings are processed with the same technology of bigger rings, which consists of:
- Single cast blanks, coming from new foundry models created to fit the small sizes.
- Double oval turning machine (for simultaneous oval internal+external turning)equipped with special fixtures to process small rings.

As a result, single cast blanks combined with double oval turning give high quality rings in terms of good material properties, good sealing and constant tangential load distribution on all rings surface for a better coupling with the cylinder sleeve.
le caratteristiche del materiale sia per la forma del segmento come tenuta e distribuzione dei carichi nell'accoppiamento con il cilindro.

The double oval turning technology differs from another way of processing usually applied to these kind of rings. We are used to see Mini-rings coming from cast iron tubes splitting and eventual rings opening with thermal deformation).


 Rings Types

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