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Pistons by Meteor are totally made in Italy.
Meteor ‘s mission goes on with some notable investments, a continuous research and development of new products, a direct contact with customers and a flexibility to meet almost every kind of inquiry.
A mission  carried on with the same passion and enthusiasm since its foundation.
Producing in our own country means giving our products the quality "Made in Italy" which is still appreciated and requested from the global market in all sectors, from handmade products to industrial ones.
Proof of this are our customers' feedback and MP pistons sales worldwide.
We commit ourselves to provide best quality and innovation, we will keep an eye wide open on new models and technical improvements, investing in new technologies with ultimate generation machines and checking instruments, meeting clients' demand with customized products and services.
We hope in a new deal and to be rewarded for the choice to keep our own way.


Meteor Piston Kit


• More than 60 years of experience in the production of pistons.

• Continuous Research & Development

• Technology: last generation machines offering an always higher level of precision and customized profiling according to clients’ needs.

•New investments on the way for cutting-edge measuring instruments.

• Customer-oriented technical service to follow clients’ technical requirements.

METEOR PISTON s.r.l. Via Monte Amiata, 9/11 - 20021 BARANZATE (MI) - Italy Tel. +39.02.356.16.34 Fax +39.02.356.08.02 Mail: